Quilting Service

Sue’s Machine Quilting Company, LLC (National Service through E-Commerce)

At Sue’s Machine Quilting Company – we provide you affordable quilting service at a reasonable rate. Our rates are low because we don’t have hardly any overhead. Why pay more by taking your future quilt to a store front and help pay for their fancy building and staff. NO – talk to Sue and she’ll bring you the same service a lot cheaper only because we are e-commerce.

Once you've finished a beautiful quilt top, what comes next? Let us help you complete your masterpiece and give it the finishing touch it deserves. Just send your quilt to our Machine Quilting Service and we'll send it back to you, perfectly finished. You can even include the binding! It's more than a timesaver, it's a lifesaver!

 And don't worry - we will contact you if we have any questions, so we get it just right. Looking for a little more information before you get started? Call Us: 1-800-590-7405.


Sue's Machine Quilting Company, LLC, 2208 Missouri Blvd, Suite 102 Box 206, Jefferson City, Missouri 65109


Edge to Edge Quilting Service:

The below estimated pricing includes single color thread & 5oz. or 8oz. polyester batting.

All Binding is double fold machine binding for extra durability. Starting at $10.

T-Shirt | Memory Quilts: Requires a Deposit

Youth or Child size T-Shirts:  $5.00 for one side of the shirt. If you wish us to use both-sides, $7.00. Includes all sizes of shirt for child and youth up to youth size XL. Any size over Youth XL will be charged as an adult size T-Shirt.

Adult size T-Shirts:  $15.00 for one side of the shirt. If you wish to use both-sides, $20.00. Includes all sizes for Adult t-shirts.

All materials included (Interfacing, Backing Material, Thread, Batting, Edge to Edge Quilting and Binding.)

Custom Quilts: Requires a Deposit

If you have a quilt in mind and would like it made start to finish. Sue’s Machine Quilting Company would be happy to assist. Simply send us your idea and we’ll help you get your dream quilt. Get start by email us: info@suesquiltingcompany.com or call us 1-800-590-7405.